Alliance Hangers (Far East) Limited and its sister companies are members of a group of international companies specializing in the supply of quality garment hangers. We are more than simply a hanger manufacturer. We develop hanger solutions that include market place studies, new concept designs, environmental considerations and logistic enhancement work.

We have a proven track record of providing value added services to retailers worldwide. We are committed to maintaining long term business relationships with both our garment manufacturers and retailer clients and we achieve this by maintaining very competitive prices. As a member of GS1/VICS, all of our hangers meet their high quality standard as stipulated from time to time.

Manufacturing Capability and Certification

Manufacturing facilities are located in major garment supply regions with our principal plant in China, since over 60% of the world's garment production for the USA and European mass markets now coming from this region. (You are welcome to browse through the section " Manufacturing Facility " on the left and find out how and where those high quality hangers are produced from the plant.)

We are proud of our high production standards, flexibility in terms of raw material usage, color, hanger finishing, printing of logo and packaging and we are responsive to our customer's specific needs. As a responsible manufacturer, we not only serve our customers with professionalism, we also run our factory as according to SA8000 standards. Our factory in DongGuan was certified by SGS as SA8000 compliant (Certificate# HK08/00496). (Go to SGS website, type in our cert. number and the one-time Security Code, you will find our factory "DongGuan Mekon Plastic". Or you can simply see the Certificate here. )

We are conversant with hanger applications in respect to floor ready merchandise standards and our hangers meet international standards on quality requirements. Performance testing report on GS1/VICS hanger application standards and guidelines are available on request. And starting from 2004, we are proud to be a sponsoring member of GS1/VICS organization.
Design and Product Development
We have strong in-house design and engineering facilities to cater for retailers' and customers' particular demands. All aspects of their sales and marketing requirements are analyzed and new product development lead-time is amazingly short. (Please take a look on our " Product Guide " pages where some of the major hangers are posted. If you don't find the style you are looking for, kindly give us a call or email and we shall present you our most updated catalog.)
Worldwide Distribution and Location
We are serving customers on a worldwide basis with experience in providing fast and cost effective distribution services. We are continuously diversifying our hanger production and service centers (currently in DongGuan, Shanghai, Tianjin) in order to ensure an efficient low cost supply of garment hangers.
Management Team

In addition to this successful combination of resources, we have a dynamic and professional team of management who provide well co-ordinated customer support services and just - in - time production management.

Continuous investment in human resources, new product development, production technology and supply chain management are all part of our long term strategic plan. This will ensure Alliance Hangers maintains its market competitiveness in this fast changing business environment.

You are welcomed to visit our website and you can contact any of our business representatives through email or fax directly for further information.

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