In Alliance Hangers, we are proud to present our manufacturing facilities which utilize state-of-the-art technologies and the latest management techniques in the production of garment hangers worldwide. Our fully-owned factories are located in Dongguan, China and HoChiMing City, Vietnam.

- Our major manufacturing facilities are housed in the complex shown above. Through the following simplified introduction, you will be presented with the process of garment hanger production for Alliance Hangers.

- First of all, our design engineers will input the newly designed hanger information into one of these CNCs. The fully computerized machine will begin shaping the mold precisely.
- Another step in fine-tuning the component of a mold.
- Fine polishing the mold manually is another crucial step in producing the highest quality hangers you can find in the Store.

- In both China and Vietnam, we have tens of mold ejection machines in various capacity, enabling us to produce a high volume of garment hangers in a short period of time. (Picture above shows array of medium size machines.)

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